Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I purchase two or more of the same art pieces?

A. No. Our Gallery features one of a kind pieces. Due to the nature of the materials used it is not possible to have two or more exact replicas of each piece of art.

Q. Is the artwork showcased original?

A. Yes. Each piece is unique and meticulously created by the artists.

Q. Does the gallery have a physical showing location?

A. Yes. The works of art displayed at our physical location are only available locally.

Q. What are the materials used in each artwork?

A. The materials vary according to the artist's vision.

Q. Do you offer bulk sales or any clearance discounts?

A. No. To keep the integrity of the artists' creative process and efforts, we are not able to do bulk or clearance discounts. Please keep in mind that you are taking home a one of a kind piece.

Q. Where are the artists located?

A. The artists featured in this Gallery are located in NY and CA.

More F.A.Q. coming soon!